Grounded Curiosity – 2018 To Date – #ChallegeTheAccepted

Photo: Department of Defence, photographer: LSIS Jake Badior

In March of this year Grounded Curiosity announced new opportunities in 2018. This posts updates you on the progress so far.

1. Grounded Curiosity Award. Two $2,500 professional development grants are up for grabs. The competition is opened now and closes on 20 August 2018. Eligibility, submission guidelines, how to enter, award details, criteria, context and suggested topics can be found hereTo date: We have had 18 high quality submissions and will release more in the next few weeks.

2. Five Eyes ‘Track II’ Network. We are advocating the Five Eyes ‘Track II’ network by crowd-sourcing resources and opportunities for professional development and debate. Access this resource here and help us build this network map by emailing us your suggestions. To date: We received feedback on the network map from across the world and have re-released the updated version.

3. Associate Editors. Appointment of Associate Editors – the people-interface of Grounded Curiosity. To date: In March we appointed six associate editors from across the Army family and the globe. Our team now stretches from Puckapunyal, the Eastern seaboard to Darwin, the United Kingdom and the United States.

4. Grounded Curiosity App. Search for ‘Grounded Curiosity’ or click on the links to download: Apple App Store and Google Play.

5. Contributing Authors. We also now have six Contributing Authors who have written three or more articles in 2018.

6. Writing Guidelines. A soldier’s five for prospective Grounded Curiosity contributors can be found here. 

Download our Information Pack for further information. Questions and submissions can be emailed to Thanks for your support and good luck with your Grounded Curiosity Award submissions!

With thanks for the year so far from the Editors James and Clare and Associate Editors Nick A, Chris, Ana, David, Cameron and Nick W.