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January 1st, 2016 by Grounded Curiosity

Curiosity functions best collectively. These podcasts aim to share the ideas gleaned from insightful scholars, commanders and practitioners in the hope they generate conversation and curiosity in the listener. The podcasts take two forms: one-on-one and fireside chats.

One-on-one chats

This collection of podcasts brings together thoughts on the future from a range of perspectives, all in specific reference to the junior commander’s role at the tactical level.

These podcasts are one-on-one chats and each episode has a similar structure. The interviewees are asked to tell us about themselves in order for the listener to understand the variety of backgrounds and experiences. Many interviewees started off as junior commanders so their career paths are an interesting discussion in themselves as listeners start to think forward about their own service paths. Three questions then frame the conversation:

  1. What does the operating environment (war/conflict) look like in the future?
  2. What role do you think junior commanders will play?
  3. What advice do you have for junior commanders?

These questions remain the same for all participants in order for listeners to gauge a wide understanding of opinions. We hope junior commanders listening hear the commonalties and also divergence of views about the future; applying their own independent thought to each opinion. Everyone has a good story to tell so the podcasts end with the interviewee regaling a good warrie for the junior commander.

Fireside chats

These podcasts aim to capture the thoughtful and sometimes passionate ‘Mess conversations’ that occur everyday in our Defence Force. The fireside chats gather together groups of commanders and military practitioners to discuss their thoughts on our future in conflict related to a specific topic. Specific topics coming up in 2016  include corps related chats, amphibious operations, expeditionary manoeuvre, junior leadership, and urban warfare to name a few.

These podcasts are group chats. Again, the same structure will be used so that listeners can gain a wide understanding of opinions over time. The specific topic for the fireside chat will be outlined and then three questions frame the conversation:

  1. What does the operating environment (war/conflict) look like in the future?
  2. What role will we play (related to the specific topic)?
  3. What advice do you have for junior commanders to prepare for this future?

The fireside chat concludes with a warrie (either just for your entertainment or with a more serious lesson-learnt) and favourite postings will also be discussed to help junior commanders understand some of the opportunities available in our respective corps.

Lastly, knowing how different military groups ‘think’ is also vital to battlefield understanding under time-stressed, chaotic, and the friction-intense conditions of war. Striving to understand each other now is key to reducing own-force friction in the future. These fireside chats therefore also aim to help, in a small way, to achieve greater understanding across military corps and specialisations. We hope you enjoy the discussions.

You can access the podcasts here:

  1. iTunes
  2. SoundCloud 
  3. Here at Grounded Curiosity

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