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Robert Chaloner Prize for Outstanding Young Strategic Leadership ($1,000)

January 15th, 2016 by Clare O'Neill

The Rob Chaloner Prize is awarded by the Institute for Regional Security (IFRS) annual in recognition of outstanding young strategic leadership. The prize of $1,000 allows the recipient to undertake further personal development of their choosing. The process is via nominations not applications, so if you have a junior to mid-level officer who fits the criteria, I recommend you consider nominating them for the Rob Challoner Prize so that their talents may be recognised.

Photo courtesy of 1st Brigade

Photo courtesy of 1st Brigade

From the IFRS website: “Rob Chaloner was an energetic supporter of the Institute for Regional Security from its very beginnings. He was particularly enthusiastic to see young strategic thinkers encouraged to strengthen their strategic analytical skills, understanding and expertise as well as their practical work, leadership and management capacities. In memory of her husband Frances Chaloner donated a sum of money to the Foundation in order to fund an annual prize in memory of her late husband.”

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the IFRS website and the following criteria apply:

  • Has demonstrated strong leadership and management skills.
  • Has developed greatly improved strategic analytical skills.
  • Has demonstrated initiative in launching and/or leading events that benefit other young strategic thinkers.
  • Has worked harmoniously with others and demonstrated characteristics of a strong team player.
  • Has demonstrated capacities to research and write quality strategic analysis.
  • Has either worked within, or aspires to work within, the Australian national security community, broadly defined. The Australian national security community is defined here to include all Commonwealth and State Government departments and agencies, the Australian Defence Force, police forces, relevant parts of defence industry and also relevant academic and independent research institutions.
  • Is aged 35 years or below at 1 January of the year of the award.


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