Erudite Warrior


One of the key differences between a professional and an employee is a commitment to the pursuit of professional knowledge – beyond that which is formally delivered.  Erudite Warrior is a new social media resource intended to “foster the study of the profession of arms”. Basically, the editors share a selection of interesting, relevant, topical and/or thought provoking articles via Facebook and Twitter.

The editors of the site are a handful of professional peers from across the Australian Defence Organisation. As the web is awash with all sorts of sites and articles, the editors find, “peer review” and recommend selected articles from a variety of military journals, academia, think tanks and the media. The articles tend to align broadly with the sorts of topics studied at Staff College(s): defence, policy, strategy, operational art, military history, capability development etc. Following Erudite Warrior is a great fit for students at Command and Staff Colleges, commanders at all levels, and those stuck in a staff job looking for intellectual inspiration.

If you are striving for intellectual mastery in our profession of arms, following Erudite Warrior may help your ongoing professional development and that of your future teams. Follow Erudite Warrior here:

Furthermore, should you come across an article that you think would be highly beneficial for your professional peers, then message your recommendation to the site.