#LOGBOTs – Making Army logistics “hard to find, hard to hit and hard to kill”

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  The Infantry wants to “fight light” – what’s holding them back? Manned resupply, and convoy movements, says Jacob Choi, former Combat Service Support Battalion Operations Captain. Our current capabilities and tactics to resupply combat teams and battle groups face many challenges. Sufficient protection is often lacking, our logistic trucks are often too reliant on […]

#DEFAus18 Idea Pitch – LOGBOTs: Unmanned Logistic Vehicle Swarms

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Jacob Choi has an idea Why should combat service support remain aggregated and secured in manned logistic nodes? Swarms of Unmanned Logistic Vehicles are a mobile caching system, where the static footprint of a doctrinal Combat Services Support Team is dispersed on dozens of Unmanned Logistic Vehicles – LOGBOTs (Logistic Robots) operating closer to the dependency […]