Shades of Grozny: Anti-Tank Drones and the Yom Kippur Effect

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‘Don’t shoot till you see the glint of their electro-optic sensors‘ Armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) designers employ a multilayered systems approach to protect AFV from threats in combat. This systems-of-systems configuration is referred to as the Survivability Onion. Layers of the onion include: don’t be seen, don’t be hit, don’t be penetrated and don’t be […]

Tactical Satellite Launch: Enabling Autonomous Futures & Expeditionary Ambitions

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‘However beautiful the strategy, one should occasionally look at the results’[1] Great power competition and not the fight against terrorism is now the focus of US national security. So in reaction to an evolving global security environment, a complete redesign of allied space security architectures is underway. This upheaval includes ideas for a US Space […]

Mission Command Algorithms: An Evolution of Artificial Intelligence & Combat Leadership

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‘There is no reason to believe that leadership will be spared the impact of Artificial Intelligence’ Anyone in the military who has served in a war zone will tell you that leadership is preeminent and can literally mean the difference between tragedy and triumph during battle. But leadership in front line combat units takes on an […]

Deception, Diversion & Disguise (3D): Amphibious Operations Success in the Third Decade

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‘Be mysterious to the point of soundlessness, then be the director of your opponents fate’ An Australian Amphibious Task Group (ATG) assembled undetected in the dead of night somewhere in the Southern Ocean. The operational deception plan served its purpose and as the Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) began is circuitous track northwards it was flanked […]