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Army Capabilities Integration Centre – Weekly Professional Development

January 15th, 2016 by Clare O'Neill


Don’t know what to run for professional development with your team? Read thoughts, insight and advice from the master of Soldier-Scholar leadership – Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster. Click here to check it out at the Army Capabilities Integration Center’s weekly online professional development site. Over 70 topics and counting, topics have included:

  • The Use and Abuse of Military History
  • Why do we need an Army?
  • Gaming the ‘System of Systems’
  • Information Warfare: what is it and how to win it?
  • War and the Art of Governance
  • General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis email about being ‘Too Busy To Read’
  • Fiction Belongs on Military Reading Lists
  • How the U.S. Army Remains the Master of Land Power
  • In Defence of Classical Geopolitics
  • The Islamic State and Information Warfare
  • Limiting Regret: Building the Army We Will Need
  • The Use of Indigenous Forces in Stability Operations
  • Pursuing Strategic Advantage: the Utility of Armed Forces in Peace, War and Everything In Between
  • Will Humans Matter in the Wars of 2030?
  • The Case for Deference by Denial
  • Precision Firepower – Smart Bombs, Dumb Strategy
  • Conventional Deterrence in the Second Nuclear Age
  • Hybrid Warfare and Challenges
  • Experimentation in the Period Between the Two World Wars: Lessons for the Twenty-First Century
  • Shape, Engage and Consolidate Gains From Reconnaissance and Security Operations
  • Predicting Future War
  • Post Crimea Eupoe: NATO in the Age of Limited Wars
  • Land Power and the Two-War Construct
  • Bridging the Planning Gap: Incorporating Cyberspace into Operational Planning
  • Defeating the Islamic State: A Financial-Military Strategy Army Capabilities
  • Clausewitz Out, Computer In: Military Culture and Technological Hubris
  • Robotics on the Battlefield: The Coming Swarm
  • Why Wargaming Works
  • ‘It Just Took a Few’: the Tank in New Guinea Campaign
  • Rethinking Operation Protective Edge, The 2014 Gaza War
  • States, Insurgents, and Wartime Political Orders
  • The Future of Military Innovation Studies
  • A Case Study in Innovation
  • The Anatomy of Change: Why Armies Succeed or Fail at Transformation
  • The M1 Abrams Today & Tomorrow
  • and plenty more …

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