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January 5th, 2016 by Grounded Curiosity


Some junior commanders are unsure of what opportunities exist in the military and fall into the trap of waiting to be ‘professionally developed’ instead of self-initiating this activity. There are also misconceptions that you can’t apply for a number of civilian opportunities due to military service. This section of Grounded Curiosity communicates professional development opportunities to junior commanders in order to help trigger or increase their intellectual engagement in the profession of arms.

This section is an easy-to-access library of practical information on a variety of topics including how-to apply for scholarships, tips for military writing in a public forum, and memberships. Additionally, we hope this information will help provide career aiming marks for junior commanders as they develop their professional development program in conjunction with their five-year career plot.

Over time, here are some of the opportunities that will be highlighted:


  1. Rhodes Scholarship
  2. Fulbright Scholarship
  3. Monash Scholarship
  4. Chief of Defence Force Fellowship
  5. Chief of Army Scholarship Program
  6. Army Foundation Scholarship (and case study)

General Opportuntities

  1. Global Voices
  2. Institute for Regional Security’s Next
  3. Defence Entrepreneurs Forum
  4. Manoeuvre Self Study Program
  5. Future Strategic Leaders Congress


  1. Jonathan Church Award
  2. Future Strategic Writers Competition
  3. Robert Chaloner Prize for Outstanding Young Strategic Leadership


  1. Institute for Regional Security’s Future Strategic Leaders’ Program
  2. Royal United Services Institute
  3. Australian Institute for International Affairs
  4. Military Writers Guild (US)

Writing Opportunities

  1. Land Power Forum
  2. CDF Journal
  3. Australian Army Journal
  4. Blogs such as The Strategy Bridge, The Strategist, Small Wars Journal

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