Online Military Blogs and Websites


Here is a list of online resources to get you started exploring avenues for your self-initiated or team professional military development:

  • Land Power Forum – short posts published by the Australian Army on topics including modernisation, future of land power, strategy, emerging threats and opportunities, land combat, logistics, cyber and space, amphibious / joint / interagencies operations and the cognitive edge.
  • The Strategy Bridge – always an informative read – an international journal focused on strategy, national security and military affairs brought to you by the ultimate of military professionals.
  • Military Leader – hosted by an U.S. Army Infantry Officer, providing leaders with resources and insight they can use for self-development and team professional development.
  • From the Green Notebook – Joe Byerly provides an excellent example of how to share ideas as a serving military officer. Through his blog, Byerly leads professional debate on security issues that matter to our future.
  • Infinity Journal – an outstanding resource for top-notch discussion on strategy at all levels — from the nature of grand strategy to the conduct of campaigns — across all dimensions — from nuclear weapons to cyber-power.  Always guaranteed to be inspired and fruitfully informed from reading their editions.
  • Modern War Institute – leveraging the intellectual capital at West Point, check out the War Council Blog  for comment on recent and ongoing conflicts. Designed to prepare present and future leaders to win in a complex world by being academically grounded and operationally connected.
  • Task and Purpose – covering a wide range of military topics brought to you from active duty and veteran authors.
  • War on the Rocks – analysis, commentary, and debate on foreign policy and national security issues through a realist lens. Featuring articles and podcasts from top notch scholars and experienced military professionals. A first class read.
  • Small Wars Journal – the original leader in the field of online commentary from experienced military voices and commentators. The Small Wars Journal continues to be a learning mecca for junior commanders.
  • The Journal of Military Operations – publishing articles and essays on warfare, the conduct of war, combat, and the nature of war across land warfare, air-land and amphibious operations including the systems and logistics that underpin these operations.
  • CIMSEC – check out the NextWar blog for discussion on security challenges in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • RAND Corporation – use the filters to discover outstanding essays and articles from experts in the field of national defence policy, strategy and military issues.
  • NDU Press – brought to you by the National Defense University, publishing vital and complex defense and national security scholarship for professional military education.
  • Asia Policy – peer-reviewed scholarly journal presenting policy-relevant academic research on the Asia-Pacific.