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Why a blog?

January 13th, 2016 by Grounded Curiosity


This blog was started after a reflection on how to share ideas about our profession beyond the vibrant discussions in the Mess. Time poor military personnel rarely have the time to read every chapter of a recommended book, despite knowing reading is an essential foundation for professional mastery. The short burst of ideas by great minds through posts and podcasts is therefore a gateway to explore concepts in a time-poor state. We hope the posts and podcasts spark ideas and then help provide the impetus to read beyond the blog through formalised study.

Digital media forums accessed through readily available platforms (i.e. that smart phone in your back pocket) are also a great resource for military personnel to network with others who share common intellectual pursuits. Sharing ideas with mates in the Mess can sometimes resemble collective congratulations due to our similar backgrounds, training and experiences. Conversing with those who may diverge in ideas is a sure sign we are moving from individual thinking to robustly debating an idea for practical use. Digital media allows the discussion to expand beyond the Mess and ideas from outside the military to infiltrate into these Mess discussions. If you believe the future will be characterised by complexity and convergence then it is important to look, share, and discuss outward from our military.

Finally, while the aim of this blog is to spark discussion about our profession of arms, a secondary aim is to provide an example of a blog by active service members that remains within the bounds of professionalism, information security, public comment, and common courtesy.

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