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About Us

January 16th, 2017 by Grounded Curiosity

Grounded Curiosity encourages conversation about our profession of arms by providing a space to share ideas and debate concepts. The topics aim to strengthen the professional curiosity of our people and spark debate as we focus our minds on future warfighting. We encourage you to continue to debate the ideas both online and offline with your peers, subordinates and commanders in order to learn and adapt as a team.

The four Grounded Curiosity sections provide for:

1. Blog. A space for military personnel to share and debate written work with an international audience including Australia, United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand. Grounded Curiosity encourages junior leaders who are writing for the first time as well as established writers. Submissions for essays, posts, lesson reports (Erfahrungsberichte), vignettes (stories with an overall lesson identified/learned), and reviews (book, film etc).

2. Innovation. Grounded Curiosity hosts DEF Aus – a network of serving personnel who debate future war fighting concepts and progress ideas to tangible action.

3. Opportunities. Provides practical information on opportunities for self-initiated and formalised professional development.

4. Podcasts. Under review – featuring discussions on future warfare with candid scholars, commanders and military professionals.

Lastly, this website is run by a serving officer and the format remains professionally respectful. In this way, Grounded Curiosity encourages disruptive thinking but in a manner that does not undermine the integrity of our respective services.

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